26 Nov 2016

Genymotion emulator for appium

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What is Genymotion emulator ?

Genymotion is a fast third-party emulator that can be used instead of the default Android emulator. In some cases, it’s as good as or better than testing on actual devices.

This article shows you how to create emulator through genymotion and How to install Google Play Services on Genymotion Step by Step.

1. Download and install genymotion emulator

First, we have to create account for downloading the genymotion emulator


Once you have created the account clicks on Download


After downloading you have to install genymotion on your machine


for the installation process, it is asking for us to install Virtual box 5.0.4 setup wizard, click on next button.


Launch the genymotion on your machine


How to create Samsung s5 emulator on genymotion. Click on add


Select which one you want for launching the emulator


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It is taking some time for downloading the emulator, Once it is downloaded click on finish button


Click on start button otherwise double click on emulator which we have downloaded now


It’s time to launch the Samsung emulator.


By default, your emulator doesn’t have Google play store for downloading the apps, So we need to install Google play store,

Here are some simple steps to do to make Google Services be available on Genymotion

Step 1: Install ARM Translation – The secret behind Genymotion’s fluidness is its ROM is compiled to x86 to match the most popular computer’s CPU Architecture


To install, download Genymotion-ARM-Translation_v1.1zip and then drop&drop the downloaded file to an opened Genymotion virtual device. After file transferring is done, there will be a confirmation dialog like below. Just simple click OK to flash it on a virtual device.


There will be an another dialog to let you know that the flashing process is done.


you need to reboot the device through command line like this:

adb reboot for the specific device


” ”   device name.

In case you accidentally close the virtual device, don’t be panic. You might need to relaunch for a few times before it can boot up.

Step 2: Install gapps – Before we go on to the next step, you need to download the flashable zip of gapps by your virtual device’s Android version: Here I am going to download the second

Android 5.0.x, Android 4.4.x, Android 4.3.x, Android 4.2.x, Android 4.1.x, Android 4.0.x, Android 2.3.3


And then drop&drop the downloaded file to a virtual device like previous and go through the flashing process.


Reboot the virtual device once again.

After the virtual device is booted up, you will notice that Google Play services have stopped problem will keep popping up like this:

Getting error like this


Better to restart the emulator or click on ” ok ”

All you need to do is be patient and login to Google Play Store and update all of the installed app.



Congratulations, Google Play Services are now available on your Genymotion virtual device.


Now verify your emulator version on your machine

Use ” adb devices” on your command prompt


You have successfully installed the genymotion emulator on your machine

Thank you for reading this article!