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Get it working on local machine.

testing this on my machine.  configured nbos-grails-auth/grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy to include both codecoverage plugin and codenarc plugin

    plugins {
      // Testing
      test ':code-coverage:1.2.5', {
        export = false
      test ':codenarc:0.17', {
        export = false

run the tests

[09:24][vineeln@mob05:~/work/nbos-grails-auth(master)]$ grails test-app -coverage
| Cobertura Code Coverage Complete (view reports in: target/test-reports/cobertura)
Flushing results...
Flushing results done
Cobertura: Loaded information on 77 classes.
Cobertura: Saved information on 77 classes.

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